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Marketing Today with Alan Hart

Alan Hart, host of Marketing Today, goes behind the scenes with the world's best marketers and business leaders. Listen to learn from the best of the best. What makes a great brand, marketing campaign, or turnaround. Learn from the stories of these great leaders and how you can unleash your potential.

Jul 19, 2017

As part of an ongoing series of conversations with 2017 Effie-winning marketers, Alan Hart talks with Pete Carter who, as marketing director at Procter & Gamble, heads up the Pantene business.

Carter talks in detail about Pantene’s “#DadDo” campaign. The 2016 campaign was unveiled, somewhat unconventionally, leading up to and during Super Bowl 50 (the league eschewed the use of a Roman numerals that year to highlight the game’s golden anniversary). The campaign utilized a series of how-to videos and in-store activations before culminating in a 30-second spot that did not air during the game. Carter describes it as a Super Bowl spot without the Super Bowl buy.

One aspect of the campaign Carter touches on is that they knew they had a powerful idea but were faced with logistical challenges in getting it in front of people during the advertising industry’s highest-profile extravaganza. Ultimately, Carter and Pantene went for it. Carter summed up how they arrived at their decision: “You know what? We’re going to do this…we’re just going to find a different way.”

They did find a way, and it paid off big. The “#DadDo” campaign took home a 2017 Effie.


Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • A natural fit: An overview of Pantene’s “#DadDo” campaign. (1:53)
  • Basing decisions on judgment, not data. (8:57)
  • Carter defines marketing effectiveness: “When the consumer chooses our brand in preference to others. In other words: purchase.” (10:51)
  • “Getting people to turn toward our brand.” (14:11)
  • “I love creative people, and the way they think,” says Carter. (17:07)
  • An ongoing marketing challenge: “We have been susceptible to the shiny, new object.” (22:55)